Autumn Newsletter CoverAutumn 2018 Newsletter – Out now – With features on shop fronts; Gilesgate baths site; retail and AGM report.


As you may have heard, Hexham Town Council and Northumberland County Council are now consulting the public on x2 options for public realm improvements to Hexham Market Place.

HCS believes that it is extremely important that we grasp this opportunity to bring some physical improvements to the Market Place, which has not seen investment for decades.
We urge you all to make your views known. The two options are pictured below.

Please follow the link here to vote.

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Hexham’s Bunker site, the land between Tesco and the railway line, is out for public consultation, with a proposal for a new supermarket, hotel and public car parking.

You can meet the developer’s agent at the public consultation on
Thursday 29 November
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Queens Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham


Hexham residents have noted with alarm the former baths at Gilesgate being scaffolded, stripped of its roof and masonry being taken down.
The 13/02289(ful) application for the site cannot be implemented without diversion of the designated footpath that runs through the site. The scheme retained the ornate wool warehouse facade on the Gilesgate elevation. Owners Hexham Hotels Ltd have yet to submit a revised application to either build around the existing footpath, or to apply for an order to divert the path.
If the building back and sides are demolished, there is grave concern that the supposedly ‘retained facade’ on Gilesgate will be liable to collapse.


Please join Hexham Civic Society on the evening of the 7th June 2018 for our AGM – Commencing 19:00, followed by a free talk by local Heritage Consultant Sarah Dyer at 19:30. Refreshments available from 18:30. Free event – all welcome.

The following update from the new Hexham BID Board was released 24th May 2018:

BID Update:

The new board of Hexham BID have now completed a review process following the Northumberland County Council Survey.

The feedback from the survey left little doubt that there is a requirement for great change and potentially termination of the BID, it also showed a necessity for a strong business partnership within Hexham to unify the businesses and to drive the town forward.

Without this organisation, revenue streams for promoting the town will be limited. As most are aware Council budgets have been stripped and without a powerful voice from within the town we have little hope of making the improvements necessary.

This is the final opportunity to resurrect the Business Improvement District, it is unlikely that the initial funding through British BIDs would be available again, meaning Hexham wouldn’t have a collective business voice at a town and county council level. This influential commercial voice will be key in ensuring our elected representatives make fully informed decisions that can impact businesses and consumers within the town.

Considering the aforementioned, we ask the businesses to investigate the opportunity of an alteration ballot that will enable Hexham to benefit from the many positive aspects of what a Business Improvement District can achieve. As it stands there are over 300 successful BIDs benefitting their local communities on a daily basis, look no further than Newcastle, Durham and Penrith.

The proposal:

  • Make the BID geographically focused on the town centre.
  • Removal of the mandatory £200 levy.
  • Businesses with a rateable value of less than £5000 will not be required to contribute.
  • There will be a voluntary option for businesses outside of the new curtilage or under the threshold.
  • The levy will remain at 1%.
  • No further BID Levy invoices are to be issued until the shape and direction of the BID is determined.
  • Should the businesses approve the new scheme, all levy payers will automatically receive board approval for membership with full voting rights. All members will have access to full end of year accounts and will be expected to engage with suggestions and ideas.

All employment contracts have been concluded and the intention is to streamline and manage the organisation efficiently.

Engagement, both financially and in time given from all businesses will be key to ensuring a more positive future for our town. We would encourage all businesses to engage with this change for the benefit of our town’s prosperity.

If businesses do not want to engage in improving the town through this option or feel it is up to others to do it, the new proposal will not work and the BID will terminate”.


Revised Bid Boundary Proposal


The Hexham Neighbourhood Plan is entering its important phase of full consultation. Its Regulation 14 statutory Pre-submission Consultation will run from 16th March to 29th April 2018. 

The draft Plan for Consultation is available here along with the FREEPOST Response Form, which includes a summary of the Plan, to be downloaded, completed and returned to the Town Council office.

All Hexham households should have received a copy of the FREEPOST response form inside their April edition of Hex-Press, the town’s newsletter.

Two maps are available showing the sites covered by the Plan policies. One focuses on the town centre; the other shows the wider parish area.

Hard copies of the consultation documents are available from the desk in Hexham Library. Response forms can be completed there and handed back to a librarian for safe storing.