Land to the North of the Arnold Clark SiteThe Hexham Civic Society is keeping a close eye on developments regarding Hexham Green Belt and possible incursions into it.

Members may be aware of the recent petition circulated by ‘Protect Hexham Greenbelt’. PHG is a recently formed group that holds the position that they wish to protect the integrity of the Greenbelt surrounding Hexham. PHG is non-party political and the Steering Group includes Councillor Colin Cessford (Conservative) and Councillor Kennedy (Lib Dem). We understand that name-taking for the petition has now ended but no doubt NCC would welcome the views of HCS members on this important issue.

The text of the petition read:

PETITION….. PROTECT HEXHAM’s GREEN BELT: Hexham is a rural market town and we wish to preserve its character by retaining the integrity of the current green belt.  We feel it is vital that this protection is included in Northumberland County Council’s development plans if we are to preserve our unspoilt green areas for future generations.

‘PROTECT HEXHAM GREEN BELT’ is an action group formed by and acting on behalf of local residents.”

In related developments, ‘Two Castles’ Housing Association, IPD Partnership, Cundall Ltd and Esh Property Services have held a consultation event (Monday 10th Dec) at Hexham Library over their proposed 36 unit affordable homes scheme in the green belt at the east end of Hexham, opposite the Arnold Clark garage on the A695 (one of the information boards is shown below). HCS has written to the developers with the view that we believe that existing ‘brownfield’ sites already exist within Hexham which would serve residents better than this fairly peripheral location, and which would not impinge on the existing green belt boundary. We will be covering this issue in full in our next newsletter.

Hexham Consultation Boards Copyright Two Castles

Hexham Consultation Boards Copyright Two Castles