From the Civic Voice:

Call to action – write to your MP today

The House of Lords has voted to introduce an amendment to the Growth and Infrastructure Bill which will allow local authorities to opt out of legislation which would increase the size of permitted development rights.

The controversial plans, announced by the Government in September, would increase the size of a single storey extension that can be built without planning permission from four metres to eight metres for detached houses, and from three metres to six metres for other houses. Although the amendment will not stop the Government pressing ahead, it will allow councils, many of whom are opposed to the proposal, to opt out of the policy if they so wish. Civic Voice supports this amendment.

Obtaining support from the House of Lords for this amendment is a huge achievement for the civic movement’s campaign to stop this policy proposal. Nevertheless, the Department of Communities and Local Government has already confirmed they will look to overturn this amendment when the Bill moves back to the House of Commons.

Call to Action – Write to your MP today

The Lords narrowly backed this amendment by 217 votes to 211. This means it could be removed if not enough MPs support it on April 16. Civic Voice is now asking all its supporters to contact their local MP to show their backing for this amendment when it is debated in the House of Commons on April 16.

If you share our concerns and the unanimous decision at the Civic Voice AGM to vote against extended permitted development rights, then please let your MP know.

Please contact your MP and ask them to keep this amendment

Last time we issued a call to action against these proposals 70% of MPs across England received a letter from the civic movement. We would love to be able to say that even more were contacted in support of this amendment.
It will only take a few minutes. We have drafted a letter for you to use or adapt and it will be sent automatically to your MP by email.

The Government is concerned by the response to its proposal and every voice will make a difference. Your views count. Use your voice and help give councils the opportunity to opt out of this proposal.


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