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The well-wooded slope as at present

18/00644/TREECA | Trees in a Conservation Area. Fell: 4 Beech, 6 Holly, 2 Hawthorn, 5 Sycamore, 1 Ash, 5 Elm, 4 Laburnum, 1 Apple, 3 Lime. Pollard: T15 Ash at 10m, T21 Yew at 7m, T16 Yew at 5m, T17-18 Holly and T39-40 Yew at 4m. Crown raise: T32 Beech – remove 4 lowest branches. Sever ivy: T41 Sycamore. Sever ivy and crown reduce: T42 by 2-3m. Re-plant small trees and shrubs on flat ground (amended description) | Old Grammar School Hallgate Hexham NE46 1XD

This site is currently the well-wooded backdrop to the Wentworth car park, at the heart of Hexham Conservation Area, and a gateway to Hexham for many visitors. Those wishing to view the application should visit and enter the ref number 18/00644/TREECA

Alternately the case officer can be emailed via:

Case officer

The applicant’s proposed tree felling plan