HCS is a well established Civic Society that has helped to
protect and guide Hexham for over 40 years.

The objectives of the society are to:

  • Maintain the outstanding quality of Hexham;
  • Promote its interests as a commercial, social and residential community;
  • Help find a balance between development and conservation; and
  • Enhance and preserve Hexham’s built and natural environment

The HCS has won a high reputation over the years by:

  • Striving for highest quality for new development in the town;
  • Contributions to Council consultation processes;
  • Hosting public debates and lectures by local and national experts;
  • Publication of guidance, such as the Hexham Shopfront Design Guide; and,
  • Publication of our Newsletter.

We would like your help to continue this work. The larger our membership the stronger will be our voice and our ability to influence the development of Hexham.