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PRESS RELEASE 15/05/09 Unitary Government – Its Impact on Hexham; a public talk arranged by Hexham Civic Society.

When Richard Robson, formerly Chief Executive of Tynedale Council and now Executive Director of Place at the new unitary government, gives his talk on 3rd June Northumberland will have had unitary government for two months. Hexham Civic Society expects that he will say how is it coming together and what its impact will be on Northumberland as a whole and on Hexham in particular. Among the matters it is hoped he will address are the following.

The new unitary is under financial pressure with a resulting widely-held perception that the quality and quantity of service delivery will suffer, charges will be introduced or increased for some services, and council taxes will rise. Part of this has already happened.

With local government now being based in far away Morpeth and disarray surrounding the setting up of the local forums there is a perception that, for Hexham residents at least, local government has become remote and less able to hear the voice of the Tynedale electorate. Certainly senior officers are less close geographically.

Hexham was the seat of local government, the work place of many officers and other employees. Following the change there is a new organisational structure with many functions and personnel relocated away from Hexham. This will have some impact on Hexham businesses.

The future of the former Tynedale Council premises, several of which are listed buildings, is uncertain.

The talk will take place at the Salvation Army Hall, Market Street, Hexham at 7.30 p.m. Wednesday 3 June following the Society’s AGM at 6.30. Entry is free. All are welcome. Go to the talk, hear what Mr. Robson has to say and raise your points.

Note to Editors: 

Hexham Civic Society HCS is well established Civic Society that has helped to protect and guide Hexham for over 40 years.

The objectives of the society are to:

  • Maintain the outstanding quality of Hexham;
  • Promote its interests as a commercial, social and residential community;
  • Help find a balance between development and conservation; and
  • Enhance and preserve Hexham’s built and natural environment

For further information please contact the Tim Tatman (Secretary – Hexham Civic Society), Postal Address: 23 Hencotes, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 2EQ
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