Hexham and the History of Railways

in the North East

200+ attend free talk arranged by Hexham Civic Society

Dr Bill Fawcett

Many thanks to all HCS members and friends who made Monday night such a success.

On Monday evening at the Queen’s Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham, Dr William Fawcett delivered a free talk on the history of ‘Hexham and Railway’s in the North East’ to a packed house at an event organised by Hexham Civic Society. Over 200 audience members heard Dr Fawcett describe Hexham’s unique role as the earliest remaining operational passenger station in the world, and as a key point in the development of cross country transport routes – including the abortive Carlisle to Newcastle canal network. Showing rare images of Hexham station in days gone by, it was remarkable both how much of good quality remained, but also what sad losses there had been in recent years, including the loss of very large cantilevered signal boxes at Alemouth Road and towards Warden. (more…)