Hexham Market Place regeneration. Design idea one from Sustrans.

Hexham Market Place designs drawn up by Sustrans under an initiative supported by Hexham Town Council and Northumberland County Council will be displayed in Hexham this Saturday 24th and also on 1st July.

Hexham Civic Society has long campaigned for improvements to the Market Place although we recognise that finding a mutually agreeable solution is difficult, given the competing demands of parking, circulation, pedestrian use and

Hexham Market Place regeneration. Design idea two from Sustrans.

the role of the Market Place as a historic area in its own right and as the setting for our fabulous Hexham Abbey and other important listed  and historic buildings.

With twelve initial ideas now whittled down to 4, residents, workers and visitors can now have further say.

The proposals range from renovating the existing space to pedestrianising the whole area.

Design one is described as a renovation of

Hexham Market Place regeneration. Design idea three from Sustrans.

the Market Place and would involve the installation of ‘gateways’ that serve as entrances.

Moving the entrance to the Market Place car parking spaces to allow for improved access for visitors arriving from Hallgate via the Moot Hall, along with new crossing points, is also suggested.

The second design suggests rearranging the parking, reprioritising the junction and pedestrianising Hallstile Bank. Moving the car parking to the roadside is

Hexham Market Place regeneration. Design idea four from Sustrans.

also suggested to allow for a permanent market space and parking bays that would not need to be suspended on market days.

The third idea pedestrianises Hallstile Bank and Market Street but maintains Market Place parking.

And, finally, the fourth suggestion fully pedestrianises the Market Place and surrounding streets, leaving the town centre free for use during public events, but maintaining access and loading arrangements for homes and businesses.

Martin Podevyn, senior urban designer at Sustrans said: “We have listened to the residents and visitors of Hexham and captured as much information as we can on how people use the streets in and around the Market Place.

“We are thrilled at the amount of feedback that the website generated. There was some excellent dialogue and valuable information about the kinds of changes that people would like to see.”

The additional feedback gathered in the latest phase will be worked into the proposals over the coming months before a preferred design is drawn up and put to the public.

The plans can be viewed in detail on the project website at hexhammarketplace.stickyworld.com and designers will be attending market days in Hexham and hosting stalls on June 24 and July 1.

The Hexham Courant report on the scheme can be viewed here.




Hexham Market Place – Regeneration Drop in Event Thursday 22nd September 15:00-20:00 Trinity Methodist Church

mkt-pl-bHexham Town Council & Northumberland County Council have asked sustainable transport charity Sustrans to develop some possible options for the regeneration of Hexham Market Place.

Sustrans works with local people to design unique, memorable places that are responsive to their needs. Sustrans wants to know what you think about Hexham Market Place and what you’d like to see.

They would like to invite you to contribute to the design process:

Public Meeting (drop-in)

Thursday 22nd September

Trinity Methodist Church, Beaumont St, Hexham NE46 3LS

3pm – 8pm

If you can’t make the event there is a website for you to leave your ideas and comments on:



Hexham Civic Society supports this initiative and encourages as many members as possible to make their views known.

As members may have read about in the press, sustainable transport charity Sustrans have been commissioned to explore views on the Market Place. As many will recall, Hexham Civic Society has long-pressed for the area to be made more of and we welcome this news.

The Hexham Courant reported that  “A public consultation is now under way to collect the views of residents, businesses, market traders and shoppers on how to make the historic heart of the town more attractive and user-friendly.

Supported by funding from Northumberland County Council’s Local Transport Plan, Hexham Town Council invited local businesses to tender for the consultation and design stages of the project.

Three bids were forthcoming and sustainable transport charity Sustrans, which specialises in working with communities to develop designs for change, was appointed.

Since then, Sustrans representatives have made regular appearances at Hexham’s Tuesday market, armed with maps and display boards which encourage people to share their thoughts.

Mayor of Hexham, Coun. Trevor Cessford explained to a meeting of Hexham Town Council on Monday that an interactive website was also up and running to collect comments online.

“The website is called a Sticky World site and allows you to actually target parts of the Market Place and put a sticky note on it with your comments,” said Coun. Cessford.

“All the information received will be put together to help inform us on what people want.

“We’re making this whole process open, honest and transparent.”

Deputy Mayor, Coun. Tom Gillanders, said: “Sustrans are also well aware that the days they have been in the Market Place fall within the school holidays and a lot of people may not be here. But they are looking at this as the first tranche of consultation, if you like, and they are planning more dates once the schools are back.”

The meeting heard that Sustrans would be in the Market Place next Saturday, August 13, and that a public meeting would be held once designs were drawn up.

“Our approach is inclusive and focuses on engagement and consultation,” said Kieran McSherry, design manager at Sustrans North East.

“We would encourage people to engage in our ‘co-design’ process.”

Go to hexhammarketplace.stickyworld.com/home to add your comments online.